Why should I outsource my accounting work?

It is to scale up your business during good economic conditions without creating additional overheads.

You can also cut down costs during times of recession by outsourcing your accounting work.

In other words, you can increase your focus on your customers while scaling up your business by outsourcing the accounting processes to a reliable service provider.

Outsourcing is for big companies; we are a small and medium sized business (SMB). Do we really need it?

Fortune 500 enterprises have taken advantage of outsourcing and they are able to reduce cost and improve productivity at the same time.

Small and medium businesses can profit enormously by similar ideas and methods.

In fact, Small and medium sized businesses with revenues ranging between $500k and $25m per month can benefit more from outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services than a Fortune 500 enterprise with a full-fledged accounting department.

There are many difficulties of running a small business and hence outsourcing few processes will help in getting more time for client facing activities.

How can I outsource my accounting work ?

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to outsource your accounting work.

* You keep your accounting system in your premises.

* You need to scan all accounting documents and store them as digital files.

* We will access your computers in a safe/secure way, read the documents, process them according to your business rules and update your accounting records.

What should we outsource in accounting?

You can outsource the following to get effective results

* Maintain books of accounts,

* Order to Cash Cycle

* Procure to Pay Cycle

* Payroll processing

* Tax Return Preparation

* Financial Reporting and Analytics

Can you explain in detail how this outsourcing is going to work?

* Scan all business documents - purchase orders, invoices, goods receipts, sales orders, , sales invoices, collections, payments, expense reports, payroll inputs

* stored them in a computer at your office

* Share these documents and your accounting system with us (provide us access details)

* We will access your computer remotely and securely

* read the scanned images and update your accounting system

Do you have the required Infrastructure??

Our office and delivery center is located at Trichy, the academic capital of Tamil Nadu state in India. We have qualified and experienced people to carry out the back-office accounting work for you.

In addition, DexFACT has excellent infrastructure, which includes latest servers, computers, up-to-date licensed version Software and secure communication systems.

We have following Infrastructure:

  • 100 Seat capacity on a 2 shift operation

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS Backup)

  • Gateway Firewall with UTM technology, Secured Access using SSL on FTP.

  • Routers for Remote Accessing
  • Dell Xeon Power Edge Sever    

  • Dell computers with provisions for Dual TFT Monitors

  • High speed Broad band Internet connectivity.

  • 24/7 online connectivity with MSN, Goggle, Yahoo, Skype Messengers and Secured emailing system

Are you familiar with our accounting software and tools

We can use a range of tools for maintaining books of accounts including Microsoft Great Plains, Quick books, SAP, Oracle Financials, Peachtree /e Peachtree, MYOB, Sage Line 50, NetLedger, Lacrete, Pro Series and Tax wise.

We have an accounting software already running and we would like to continue maintain accounts in the same software

We will use your accounting software and system. We do not change the accounting software that you use.

What we do is - we login to your system and do all accounting transactions from scanned documents that are made available to us.  So, the next day morning you have the latest accounts available in your computer viewed using the same software you have been using.

Is the information that we share with you secure?

We understand the information shared with us is highly sensitive.

We understand high security standards have to be maintained by outsourcing partners like us. Absolute maintenance of confidentiality and information security is part of the culture at DexFACT. Concern for security permeates all our operations.

We handle confidentiality and information security from different perspectives.

* Non disclosure agreements – We sign non disclosure agreements with clients before beginning the project. All the employees sign non disclosure agreements with DexFACT.

* Documented Policies - As a part of the policies on confidentiality and security, we have documented policies which ensure confidentiality and security of information. Each employee reads, understands and signs off these policies at the time of joining.

* Technology : We have password protected networking systems which are fire walled and cannot be intruded by outsiders. We use UTM (Ultimate Threat Management) for our gateway firewalls.

* Employees cannot use Floppy, CD, DVD, USB drives at work; Usage of cell phones with in the work area is restricted. Printer access restricted

* We regularly carry out Security Audits

What kind of support is available to me?

Our team members handling your work will be available to you via E-mail, Chat or Phone for any questions or clarifications. We also have dedicated help desk to handle all your questions and concerns.

We already have a team; how will you coordinate with them

We will work with your  current accountants to keep the books up-to-date and assist them in other activities.

We will regularly interact with your CFO, your controller and your CPA to make sure the books we maintain and the reports we prepare are accurate and meet your business and compliance needs.

Is there an initial setup Charge?

No, there is no setup charge. We take care of the entire setup.

What are you capabilities in Finance and Accounting?

* We have professionals with a combination of CA (=CPA), MBA and Commerce Graduates and Postgraduates

* Knowledge of US GAAP, IFRS and other international GAAP standards

* Talent management through world-class recruitment, training, retention and development processes

* Experience in F&A modules in all major accounting systems and ERP platforms including SAP

* Investment in proprietary tools and methodologies for workflow management; a separate team to develop software tools that help us and our customers.

What are the industry segments that you serve?

We can support all business and industry segments including

* Manufacturing Companies

* Hospitals and healthcare

* Travel and Leisure

* Educational Institutions

* Information Technology and Software providers

* Retail shops

* Logistics and Transportations

* Real Estate and Builders

* Law Firms

* Accounting Firms

* Audit /CPA Firms