Information Security

          Be rest assured

We understand the information shared with us is highly sensitive.

We understand high security standards have to be maintained by outsourcing partners like us. Absolute maintenance of confidentiality and information security is part of the culture at DexFACT. Concern for security permeates all our operations.

We handle confidentiality and information security from different perspectives.

  • Non disclosure agreements – We sign non disclosure agreements with clients before beginning the project. All the employees sign non disclosure agreements with DexFACT.

  • Documented Policies - As a part of the policies on confidentiality and security, we have documented policies which ensure confidentiality and security of information. Each employee reads, understands and signs off these policies at the time of joining.
  • Technology : We have password protected networking systems which are fire walled and cannot be intruded by outsiders. We use UTM (Ultimate Threat Management) for our gateway firewalls.

  • Employees cannot use Floppy, CD, DVD, USB drives at work; Usage of cell phones with in the work area is restricted. Printer access restricted

  • We regularly carry out Security Audits

You can be rest assured that team DexFACT will take care to protect the information shared with us. We will protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption or modification.